Google Plus: Why You Got Circled

Google Plus: Why You Got Circled

Google Plus 300x168 Google Plus: Why You Got CircledI did a post on why I might uncircle someone. On a more positive and perhaps more important note, I thought I would talk about why I might circle someone.

Before I begin, let me say one thing up front. I don’t circle people because they circle me. I strongly believe that the beauty of Google+ is that it is asymmetric which means I don’t think anyone is obligated to follow anyone else simply because they followed you first. Never follow me for this reason. Only follow me if you think you will be genuinely interested in my content.

So that being said these are the reasons I will follow someone:

1. You make comments and engage – This should actually be reason one, two, and three. In fact, if I follow you, it’s almost certain I followed you because you made either a comment on my own stuff or on someone else’s. See +Daniel Bobke or +Kwan Nam for examples in this. I come to Google+ because I get great engagement. I have been blogging for over a decade and I know how it feels to be talking to an empty room. It sucks. Google+ is the opposite of suck. People have asked me how I get such great engagement on my posts. I get it because it’s my goal. I want to learn from others and help others learn. That means I seek out people who engage. So if you want to be followed, +1, share, or comment on other people’s stuff.

2. You make great posts AND you engage with your readers – Take a look at +Carter Gibson, +Carmelyne Thompson or +Christina Trapolino . They post something and they engage back with their followers. They are a model for how I believe people should behave on Google+. One of the first things I do when I come across a new user is I look at their comment stream. If they are engaging with their users, its a circle back because I know I can have a conversation with them on their post. If it is all just the people who follow them talking among themselves with nothing from the author, I move on.

3. I keep seeing you recommended by people I trust – I don’t do shared circles. But I do notice when the same names keep popping up for recommendations. It’s why I circled +stephanie wanamaker ,+Michael Anderson and a few others. So keep creating great content or engaging with people I know and you will get noticed.

4. You are well known in the topics I care about – I’m not a groupie by any means but I like to stay informed on what’s going on. There are people like +Robert Scoble , +Mike Elgan and +Jason Calacanis who are very well respected in tech circles. I knew who they were before coming to Google+ and came here to interact with them. This is a very small number of people, probably less than 5% of the people I follow.