Have high expectations of your website

Have high expectations of your website

Unlike 2001, just having a website is not enough anymore. Your website will be, in most cases, your most cost effective way to reach new customers.

expectations website images 150x150 Have high expectations of your website

Try this:

» To contribute to your business’ bottom line set clear monthly targets. For example if your website is a (5) page
brochure site designed to increase calls or leads into your business, make sure you create clear metrics and
measure how many calls and leads were obtained through your website on a monthly basis.
» To ensure your website maintains high standards, try conducting incentivized surveys on your homepage
by utilizing email or even social media. Ask your customers simple questions about what they like and don’t
like about your website. You will gain valuable insight to help you convert more website visitors into paying

Remember – Your website should be your small business’ MVP. If it isn’t, do something about it!