let it snow in Google search

let it snow in Google search

let it snow in Google search 1024x562 let it snow in Google search

If you are familiar with Google, you know the company often likes to sneak Easter Eggs and fun finds into their search engine, mail and browser.

Just in time for Christmas, they’ve done it again!

If you Google the term “let it snow” and you have either a Chrome or a Firefox browser, you’ll be treated to a bit of holiday cheer! The search will trigger a cascade of falling snowflakes on your screen. The snow begins slowly at first, but will ‘fill up’ your window and fog up your monitor! You can click your mouse and drag it across  ’wipe’ the snow off your screen.

Another hidden search is “Hanukkah.” When you look it up, the top of your browser will have a string of Star of David lights decorate the top of your browser!

If you find any other Easter Eggs, let us know in the comments!