Managing DNS Advanced Tools

Managing DNS Advanced Tools

DNS Managing DNS Advanced Tools

This articles shows how to add Private Nameservers, A records, MX records, CNAME Alias and set NS records.


Managing DNS Advanced Tools

Private Nameserver

If you have your own nameservers, or are using a third party DNS provider, you may register these nameservers for a selected domain.

Warning: This functionality is for advanced users only.

To add a record:

For the Host field, enter ns1 or ns2, which will resolve to (where is the domain that you are setting this private nameserver for). In this example, the host resolves to

For the Points To field, enter the IP address of the nameserver.


A Record

The A Record settings are configured by iPage at the time of domain registration. These are the default settings. You may choose to modify these settings using the DNS advanced tools.

Warning: This operation should be done only by advanced users. There is no “undo” or “reset defaults” function.

To add a record:

A Record, enter the Host and the IP address in the fields provided.


MX Record

An MX Record specifies the server priority, and allows you to set a custom name to route your mail. iPage sets POP, SMTP, IMAP, etc. by default. Use this tool to set others or to change server priority.

To add a record:

Enter the priority: the lower the number the higher the priority; i.e the system tries the server with priority 10 is before the server with priority 20.

Enter Host: * and @ are wild cards. You can also set a specific host, such as pop, imap, smtp, outgoing, incoming, etc.
Points To: enter a valid domain, with a valid A Record, to which the mail will be routed.


CNAME record

Use the CNAME (Alias) record to point any subdomain to the specified domain.

To add a record:

Host: the subdomain that you want to point.

Points to: the domain that you want to redirect to.


NS record

A NS record associates a domain with the specified nameserver.

To add a record:

Host: the domain you want to point.

Points to: the nameserver that you want associated with this domain.