New Photoshop tricks and tips

 New Photoshop tricks and tips

Photoshop New Photoshop tricks and tips

Time to learn a few tips & tricks that will help save you a lot of time and make your design work flow much more efficient.


* One Click Selection : For anything that is appearing of a layer on your preview window and you want to drag certain layer portion of it, simply click CTRL + “The layer you want to select”. You’ll notice the animated dotted line appearing around the specific layer portion.

* Knocking off background color : For a picture with an added background layer color, you can simply blend the background layer by going to the blending options and Layer style subcategory. There on the “This Layer” slider option, press ALT + “right half of the slider” and drag it rightwards to simply vanish off the background color from the photo.

* Refining Edges : After you make any sort of selection on Photoshop, make sure to click the refine edges option on the top of your menu bar that appears when there is a selection. This helps gives a shape and remove unnecessary edges.

* Changing Brush Size on the move : To avoid going back to the options panel while using the brush tool to adjust its size, use “[“to decrease the brush size and “]” to increase it. To adjust the hardness while using the brush, useSHIFT + “[“to decrease the hardness and SHIFT + “]”to increase it.

* Reset Changes : When inside hues, saturation and curves, and stuff didn’t turned out the way you wanted to, and want to start off all over again, mind hitting the cancel button. Press ALT and watch the cancel button transform to reset. Click reset to let it be in the same window, rather than reaching out for the tab again and opening it again.

* Drag edit the Input box : You’d have noticed the sudden change in the mouse cursor whenever you bring you mouse near to some input field. The function is in built and allows to actually vary the input field by simply holding and dragging the mouse from left to right or vice versa.

* Hefty Guides : Guides help you to align and adjust your photo while editing. For this click on the ruler and drag in order to create a guide. Afterwards, the guides can be quickly accessed by the hotkey combo, Ctrl+ ;

* Opacity Adjust : To quickly adjust opacity, press any number from 0-9 to set the opacity in order of tens. I.e. pressing 4 would result in 40% opacity. If you want to set opacity 45, just press 45 quickly to set the wanted opacity level.

* Layer Duplication : It is a rather good practice to check on all of your new ideas and little changes on a duplicate layer rather than spoiling the current one. For duplication, drag the layer tab all the way down to the new layer button and release; it will automatically generate a new layer.

* Drop down Universe : Whenever wherever you see a drop down arrow, never hesitate to click it and explore a universe of new options that just weren’t able to fit in that panel head. Drop down options must be explored at times and made full use of.

New Photoshop tricks and tips